Welcome to Anwer Khan Modern University (AKMU), where innovation & excellence is encouraged, nurtured and celebrated. With cooperation from all concerned, I am sure, we will achieve its mission and realize its vision through quality education, training, research, entrepreneurship and community services.

As an institution we are fully committed to achieving excellence in education and are striving to combine the best of western as well as eastern learning. We believe that we are well equipped to offer our students quality education suited to our particular location and the contemporary world. The University has beautiful physical infrastructure and facilities for your learning. Our state of the art campus, located in an idyllic part of Dhaka, has been designed by leading architects of the country. It has created ample opportunities for extra-curricular activities. Your participation in extra-curricular activities would help you developing your leadership quality.

Our faculty members have been recruited not only from leading universities of the country but also from some of the foremost universities of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Asia. Our competent staff members complement them perfectly. We feel that you will enjoy the experience of studying in Anwer Khan Modern University and confident that you will find it an ideal place to study towards a degree, do research, develop professional and social skills, and equip yourself for the wider world. It is only a matter of time that Anwer Khan Modern University finds itself in the hearts and minds of prospective students and parents alike of the near future. So, join us to make Anwer Khan Modern University a conduit for our vision – share the united experience. We warmly welcome support from every individual in our endeavor to make Anwer Khan Modern University, a unique hub of excellence in education, research, training and human advancement.

Prof. Dr. Abul Hashem
Honorable Vice Chancellor
Anwer Khan Modern University